May 3, 2013
Colour Psychology: What is Your Character’s Favourite Colour?


I was doing a bit of research on colours so I can find some favourite colours for my characters and since I gathered a bit, I thought I’d share some of what I found. They’re just brief summaries of a few major colours here. If you want more info you can follow the links.


Red meaning:

Red is one of the most highly charged colours on the colour wheel. Whenever it’s used it usually denotes extreme emotions. This is why red is a popular colour for warning signals and is seen as the go to colour for romance and passion. Those people who like red are seen as people who are grounded in the physical world, i.e the extraverts of society. They tend to follow their gut instinct and need completion because they love to win. They are hard workers who follow their dreams unapologetically which results in a lower procrastination rate in red lovers. However they are quite stubborn and impulsive, refusing to wait once they put their mind to something. Their confidence in themselves can go straight to their head, causing an over inflated ego.


·         Magenta- These people are decisive and patient; though they may appear shy to others.

·         Crimson- People who love Crimson embody the strength and determination found in the colour red.

·         Scarlet- Scarlet lovers tend to live life to their own rules. They rebel against rules imposed on them and have little tolerance for tradition.

·         Pink- Lovers of Pink tend to have a more gentle nature. They are open individuals with child-like emotions.


Orange meaning:

Orange is a combination of red and yellow. This colour implies enthusiasm, happiness, stimulation and creativity. Orange is usually used to stimulate mental activity in viewers. It is usually associated with fall and healthy food. Lovers of orange are very social and love being the centre of attention. Unlike red lovers, they’re passionate and determined without being overly aggressive. They’re flamboyant, usually the type of person you’d find in the centre of a room. Orange lovers love to be around people and tend to fall to negativity when left alone for too long. Despite finding it easy to get into relationships orange lovers have trouble committing if negative, orange lovers tend to become aloof.


·         Gold- Symbolizes Wealth, wisdom and high quality

·         Dark orange- Denotes of distrust and deceit

·         Red orange- Passion, pleasure, domination and a thirst for life


Yellow meaning:

Yellow is a colour that denotes cheerfulness and joy. This colour can be used to promote children toys, though over use of this colour can have a disturbing affect on the viewers. Shades of Yellow tend to lose their cheerfulness. Yellow lovers are the type of people who love to analyze things but they are prone to anxiety and rash decision making. Lovers of yellow value the inner world and tend to be more introverted than others. They usually hide their emotions when going through rough times and continue to keep a cheerful outlook on life. Yellow lovers are good with technology and use this as a medium for networking.


·         Dull Yellow- Represents, decay, sickness and jealousy

·         Light yellow- The more positive side of yellow, associated with cheerfulness and joy.


Green meaning:

Usually associated with Growth, fertility and nature, green is calming colour and denotes safety in the viewer. Green is usually a sign of a steady and determined person. Various shades of green mean different things however. A darker green is symbolic of money and finance while a yellowish green indicates sickness. Green is also a colour of hope and new life and is often associated with the inexperienced. Green lovers are very stable people who tend to love nature though that is not always the case. Many green lovers tend to be joiners and practitioners of good citizenship. Despite this, lovers of the colour green are not very action oriented, they desire peace and balance in their lives and would spend more time in thought than in the real world. Green lovers have a somewhat hoarding personality but have an eye for quality. One part of a green lover’s personality that stands out is their empathic natures. They tend to make great psychologists and therapists while presenting a balanced view of the world.


·         Pale green- Lovers of Pale green tend to be indecisive and procrastinators. Usually they start projects without finishing them and have a lack of responsibility.

·         Olive green- This colour is usually associated with emotional trauma and hard times in life. Adult who wear this colour are usually bitter towards life.

·         Emerald green- this colour is usually associated with Irish and the Irish landscape.

·         Dark green- Lovers of this colour are usually self-obsessed and possessive to the point of ignoring others needs and wants.


Blue meaning:

Trust, loyalty, wisdom and confidence are traits that are commonly represented by the colour blue. For many people, blue is a colour of stability and depth. It is also a calming colour. Blue is also associated with masculinity and is the default colour for young DMABs. Unlike red, orange and yellow blue is not highly emotionally charged. Lovers of blue seek peace and truth over worldly desires. They have deep desire for trust and to trust. They tend to be sensitive and even headed to the point of seeming rigid in their ideals. When negatively influenced they can before self pitying.


·         Sky blue-Lovers of Sky blue tend to be seen as calmer and more consistent in their actions.

·         Azure blue- These people tend to be the kind who are more wrapped up in the journey than the goal. They are content with life as long as there is a goal to pursue.

·         Pale blue- This is the colour for people who wish to succeed at their tasks. They tend to be more the more peaceful of blue lovers.

·         Dark blue- Dark blue lovers are more conservative than others as dark blue is seen as a formal, reserved colour. Dark blue also suggests anxiousness.


Purple meaning:

The colour purple is usually associated with Royalty and ambition. This colour is rarely found in nature and is considered to be artificial to some people. It combines the energy in red with the calm of blue to give of the illusion of mystery, magic and creativity. Purple loves embody these qualities by being empathic. They understand others and have a need to be needed. This usually leads to them being taken advantage of by others. They wish to be seen as individuals in all that they do which leads to inspiration for others. Because Purple lovers are free spirited, they tend to exclude themselves from groups, wishing to follow their own path. At an extreme end this can become arrogance and conceit.


·         Light Purple- Embodies the more positive attributes of Purple

·         Dark Purple- Embodies negative qualities and can cause frustration.


White meaning:

Usually positive in connotation white denotes purity and innocence. In some cases white can usually associate a successful beginning. White is also a colour used to show sterility, cleanliness and coolness. A person who favours white tends to keep a neat house and ensemble. They’re confident, calm and have strong self-control. They tend to hold themselves to high standards and expect others to adhere to the same stands. They are also loners and tend to suffer bouts of loneliness because of this trait. Despite this, they have strong opinions but can be open-minded and flexible when the need be.


·         Ivory

·         Snow

·          White Smoke


Black meaning:

Black is a colour with a very negative connotation. It is associated with evil, death and power. People who wear black are assumed to be in a position of power, elegant and formal. In line with this thought, black lovers tend to be strict and authoritative. They maybe be a bit contained and even aloof at times but they are very aware of their own insecurities. They tend to hide their emotions deep away from others. People who value black have been known to use it as a colour of comfort or as a way to suppress their own desires and loves.


·         Grey- Generally Quiet and neutral in most discussion, however if the topic is close to them they will chose a side. They believe is Quality over Quantity

·         Silver- Silver lovers are imaginative and creative. They are also flexible and enjoy seeking out new experiences but require time alone to process things.

 More reading/sources here:

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Colour Associations in various cultures

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